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Idaho Trout 2008

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Andy                  04-Jan-09  

Subject: Idaho Trout 2008
From: Andy
Date: 04-Jan-09

What where the top developments in Idaho that were good for trout, salmon and steelhead? Here's a working list so far. These are suggested as a Top Ten for Trout and Salmon in Idaho events, accomplishments and recognition for year 2008.

1. Idaho Roadless Rule Adopted. A federal regulation was finalized in the fall of 2008 that protects millions of acres of National Forest Roadless Areas in the state of Idaho. Key streams for salmon, steelhead and native trout are protected from future road construction and other land use activities that can have deleterious effects on fish habitat.

2. Nez Perce Tribe stands tall for Snake River Salmon. Refuse to sign MOA with Bonneville Power Administration to accept money in exchange for not challenging the Federal Dam operations that annually destroy thousands of Idaho salmon and steelhead.

3. Big Lost River made safer for rare, native Big Lost River mountain whitefish.

4. Record Snake River Sockeye salmon return to the Stanley Basin reignites hopes for the long-term conservation of this species.

5. South Fork Boise River conservation and research project launched. 6. Chester Dam agreement will restore fish passage on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River.

7. National awards from US Forest Service recognizing scientist Bruce Rieman and professional manager Jim Capurso. Rieman for his work on research to advance understanding of salmonid isolation issues and tools to help guide management actions and prioritize projects. Capurso is recognized for the strong, balanced, dynamic fisheries program he has developed on the Caribou-Targhee NF that includes native fish reintroduction, physical habitat restoration, aquatic organism passage surveys and restoration projects, dam removals, beaver reintroductions, and irrigation diversion screen and bypass projects.

8. Trout in the Classroom Program goes statewide with Idaho Fish and Game teachers workshops and with grants from Environmental Protection Agency and Edwin Perkins Foundation.

9. SRBA Judge rules in favor of wintertime flows in the Boise River

10. [your pick]

Five Foes of Fish in Idaho – 2008

In addition to the top ten trout positive developments we recognize the Five Foes of Fish, those events in 2008 that work against trout, steelhead and salmon in Idaho.

1. Teton Dam

2. Twin Springs Dam

3. Federal Dam Operators latest failure for Idaho Snake River salmon and steelhead.

4. Atlanta Gold Mine Proposal

5. [your pick]

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