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Carp Fest 2009

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Subject: Carp Fest 2009
Date: 05-Jan-09

All right, folks…

I thought I’d get an early start on this, since we had such a grand time last year… for incentive, I’ve posted a link to a few photos that ought to get your heart pumping…

I propose May 15 for the return of CarpFest… much like last year, we’ll spend an hour or so doing a general clean up—last year we took a truckload of old metal and garbage out, so the heavy lifting is probably done at Gifford Springs. This year, maybe we can do some basic habitat reparation—the area gets grazed pretty good, so planting willows is likely out. There might be something we can do in terms of structure in the deeper water for trout and smallies … I’ll check with IDFG to see what they might be interested in… maybe we can sink some old Christmas trees or something…

Also, this year, I thought I’d see if we can’t get a local brewery to “sponsor” our efforts and provide a keg or two of good beer… Todd, do you know Penny Pink in Poky? She might be up to mixing up a batch of Golden Torpedo Ale or something… We don’t want to get it too big, but if we’re gonna do it, we ought to do it right, don’t you think?

Let me know how the date shapes up… feel free to suggest alternatives… you don’t have to twist Loren’s arm too hard to get to come down and chase Idaho’s strongest game fish (with due apologies to steelhead and sturgeon), and Smalley needs all the competition he can get—he might even bring some carp jerky we can all pretend to eat. And maybe some of the Montana boys can come down—they’re always up for a party!

Happy New Year, all… looking forward to a great 2009! CH Here’s the link… hope to see you in May!


Subject: RE: Carp Fest 2009
Date: 27-May-09

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