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Mores Creek 1/19

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Pam                   13-Jan-09  

Subject: Mores Creek 1/19
From: Pam
Date: 13-Jan-09

YOUR OPPORTUNITY to Honor our Country's “Service Day”

Date: January 19th Martin Luther King Day

Place: meet at the Albertson's parking lot at Federal Way and Gown Road (across from Micron), near McDonalds at 10:00 am - carpool up to the Idaho City Airstrip together - we will be back in Boise by 3:00 pm.

Bring: little handheld pruners if you have any, Snowshoes, OR good waterproof boots and snow pants, gloves, dress for the weather, sleds if you want to bring along youngsters!

What: We will snowshoe along Elk Creek and collect cottonwood tree cuttings from the uplands. About three blocks total walking distance. These cuttings will be grown into small trees, courtesy of the Forest Service's Lucky Peak Nursery. Volunteers will plant these new trees on our restoration projects next fall.

Provided: Some pruners, snacks, water and hot chocolate

Please RSVP to the Trout Unlimited office at: (208) 345-9800 we will need a headcount please!

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