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Floodplain Lecture

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Subject: Floodplain Lecture
Date: 03-Feb-09

Boise River Lecture - Reducing Flood Loss in the Treasure Valley 2/24/2009

Tuesday, February 24 at 6:00 pm at Garden City Library, 6015 Glenwood St. Free

Floodplain management and property rights expert Edward Thomas, Esq. will speak at Idaho Rivers United's Boise River Community Lecture on Tuesday, February 24 at 6:00 pm at Garden City Hall, 6015 Glenwood St.

Mr. Thomas is a disaster response and recovery specialist, a floodplain manager and an attorney who speaks and conducts trainings across the country. He will speak about the No Adverse Impact policy that reduces flood risk and protects property rights.

Bill Clayton, President of Flood Control District #10, will speak about the role of the District in reducing flood loss, and Jim Neill, developer and Garden City Planning and Zoning Commissioner, will talk about balancing growth and public safety.

The free presentation is part of Idaho Rivers United's monthly Boise River Lecture series and it's open to the public.

This program is co-sponsored by the Garden City Library and REI. For more information contact Liz at 343-7481.

The Ted Trueblood Chapter is providing financial support for this initiative.

Idaho Rivers United is a membership organization that works to protect and restore Idaho's rivers and native fisheries. For more information, visit www.idahorivers.org or call 343-7481.

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