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Conserving, protecting, and restoring Southwest Idaho's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

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Board Meeting 3/13

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Subject: Board Meeting 3/13
Date: 06-Mar-09

Trueblood Board meeting is prior to the Chapter meeting.

agenda to follow

Subject: RE: Board Meeting 3/11
Date: 09-Mar-09

The meeting will take place at the MK nature center prior to the chapter meeting. I’ve had a request to move up the meeting to 5:30 pm. Any issues with that? Strong objections? Slight objections?

Anyway, on to the agenda.

Peter Anderson Q&A on legal issues dealing with Idaho’s water. Let’s try and limit it to 15-20 minutes, if possible.

Citizen Monitoring day-April 18th (Andy)

DEQ green fair-April 16th (Pam)

Kokanee outdoor day-August 29th (Pam)

Harris Ranch project-March 20th. (Pam)

Land trust filmfest (Andy).

Youth Camp update (James)

Folks there’s a lot to talk about and not much time to talk about it. I’m going to request that we keep the presentations short and to the point. One item I left out is what TU wants to do with federal stimulus money and how we go about getting some of it. I think that’s going to warrant a meeting all by itself.

If there are additional items let me know by tomorrow.

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