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todd                   01-Aug-06  

Subject: TU State Council Mtg
From: todd
Date: 01-Aug-06

Good Day Everyone! I hope all is well. Things are getting back to normal at the Carter household. The doctor and the wife threatened to put me in a body cast because I'm not supposed to drive, lift, go back to work, use my arms.... blah.... blah.... blah.....for six weeks! I told them that neither one of them is tough enough to get me in a body cast so I'm back to work, driving, and thinking about going fishing this weekend! Besides, being trapped at home and having to rely on someone else to get me around was making me grouchier and causing more stress than actually going back to work. I was going STARK RAVING MAD!I know they are just trying to take care of me, and want me to heal....... but enough is enough already. Fall meeting. A conference room is reserved at Salmon Rapids Lodge in Riggins Idaho. www.salmonrapids.com Meeting to be held Saturday October 7th at 8:00 AM and we will probably only do a half day of meetings. I need a count on who is planning to attend. Number of rooms. Number of nights. I will plan the meals, but I will need to know who is attending. Please respond via e-mail as soon as possible. If this date does not work out we still have time to devise a plan B. Thanks. Todd J. Carter ITU Council Chair

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