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Conserving, protecting, and restoring Southwest Idaho's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

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May 13 Meeting

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Subject: May 13 Meeting
Date: 31-Mar-09

The next Trueblood Chapter meeting is Wednesday, May 13.

Check back later for agenda and program information.

Subject: RE: May 13 Meeting
Date: 26-Apr-09

Wednesday; May 13 Chapter Meeting Program

Spring has finally sprung. It’s prime time for reservoir fly fishing for trout. John Wolter, proprietor of the Anglers Orvis Fly Shop will pitch us a program on all things covering stillwater trout fishing. John will speak to local reservoir fishing locations, tackle set ups including fly lines, leaders and patterns with some emphasis on the new suspended flies (boobies), lake fly fishing dynamics and strategies, and hatches. John will provide coverage on retrieve types which can make a big difference on whether we’re hooking fish or not. Fishing for trout in stillwaters can be supremely challenging. With no fish showing, where do I start fishing? What depth should I be fishing? What patterns are best?

We will be meeting at the IDFG MK Nature Center auditorium, 600 South Walnut. A fly tying demonstration will start at 6:30 with the regular meeting and program beginning at 7:30. See you there and then you need to plan to go fishing.

Richard Prange Program Chairman

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