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Boise River - April 18

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Subject: Boise River - April 18
Date: 15-Apr-09

The Ted Trueblood Chapter will participate in the Watershed Watch this coming Saturday, sponsored by the Boise Environmental Education program at the City of Boise. The location for the TU site is at Eckert Bridge just upstream from Barber Park and at the mouth of Alta Harris Creek, our ongoing flagship project.

The goal of Watershed Watch is to encourage citizen involvement in water quality efforts and to get a snapshot of the health of the Boise River watershed by monitoring water quality. Citizen groups, schools, families, and individuals are going to participate in this fun, educational event.

We were able to acquire a couple of professionals who will help lead our data gathering efforts. The plan is to meet at Eckert Bridge at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday, April 18. We can park at Barber Park or at the pull out site north of the bridge. The assessment should take an hour or so.

We could use a half-dozen or so volunteers. Waders are not required but I think we will be able to get more interesting data if we get out in the river for the sampling. This is one activity where kids can participate in learning to understand the important factors that impact water quality.

Call me at 343-1510 or tutedtrue@aol.com if you are interested in participating.

Andy Brunelle

Subject: RE: Boise River - April 18
Date: 18-Apr-09

We had 14 people total for the effort today: Mike, Darryl, Chris J. and Andy from the TU board, Candy a TU member, and a couple of families and friends. Thanks to the technical leaders Jim and Cindy.

Some highlights of parameters:

temp 6 C

Dissolved O was 20 ppm upstream of the Ridenbaugh Diversion and 23 ppm downstream.

turbidity was between zero and the 40 level on the disc.

macroinvertebrates - the reachable bottom upstream of the diversion was a desert because the stream bottom watered up only three weeks ago when the river was raised. Downstream of the diversion we found mayflies, caddis, snails and other stuff.

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