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Subject: Trout Camp
Date: 24-May-09

To Members, Woolly Buggers, Parents,

The Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited is pleased to announce the inaugural year of Trout Camp, a 5-day fishing and conservation experience for kids aged 10-13 (as of the starting day of the camp) occurring from August 3 to 7, 2009. Members of the Trueblood Chapter and the Woolly Buggers are being given the first opportunity to fill the limited seats available. In this inaugural year we will have space for only 12 children in what promises to be a fun and exciting opportunity to learn the sport of fly fishing combined with a sportsman’s ethic of conservation.

The first three days of camp will be a day-camp held at the MK Nature Center on Walnut Street in Boise, where the campers will receive a complete fly fishing outfit (rod, reel, line, vest, etc.), learn to (or improve on their) cast, and take short trips to local waters to practice their new skills. On Thursday, August 6, the campers will head to the Middle Fork of the Boise River where they will stay the night, returning on the afternoon of Friday, August 7. While on the Middle Fork campers will put their skills to the test and learn to read water, identify hatches (if there are any), and properly land and release as many trout as they can manage. Parents are strongly encouraged to come along as there is ample tent room at the Dutch Creek Guard Station where Trout Camp will stay the night.

To reserve your spot, you must respond by email, mail or telephone as indicated in the attached brochure, letting us know your child’s name and date of birth, and how to contact you. If your child is selected for Trout Camp (selection will be by lottery from among all the requests) we will send you a complete registration form. You must let us know if you and your child are interested by June 5, 2009, as we will draw the lucky participants’ names on June 8.

Be sure to check out the attached brochure for more information, and the necessary contact information.

[brochure to be posted on the website - we'll add a link to it in this message thread]

Subject: RE: Trout Camp
Date: 26-May-09

Camp Trueblood Brochure

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