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Boise River Conf. 8/12

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Subject: Boise River Conf. 8/12
Date: 03-Aug-09

Idaho Environmental Forum’s 6th Annual Treasure Valley River Conference

A River Runs Through It:

Showcasing River Restoration and Recreation Projects

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Program Description

From one end of the Treasure Valley to the other, the Boise River and its tributaries are experiencing a phenomenal surge of trail, river recreation, stream channel restoration, and wildlife habitat projects. This year’s River Conference will showcase these transformative undertakings and explore what lies ahead. Program moderator Marcia Franklin of Idaho Public Television will lead a lively discussion and field questions from the audience.

Eight mayors and county commissioners will present information on projects in their communities. This is a chance to hear the latest about what will be coming, like the trail loop from the Oregon trail to Bonneville Point or the Star River Walk that was recently reported in the Statesman. These projects are the result of remarkably successful public-private partnerships. Many of the partners, such as Idaho Rivers United, Trout Unlimited, Land Trust of the Treasure Valley, and the Boise River Trails Coalition, also will be represented at the conference.

Following the presentations, nine mayors and two county commissioners will sign the Boise River Trails System Plan. The project’s goal is to create a 63-mile system of pathways from Lucky Peak all the way to the Snake River. This historic commitment will launch an effort to design and construct connected pathways for community walking, bicycling, horseback riding, bird watching, river paddling, fishing and other non-motorized outdoor activities while respecting rights of private landowners and the wishes of donors to the pathway system.

There is good news here, but also challenges and uncertainties. Join us, and bring your questions for these Treasure Valley leaders.

After the program, attendees will enjoy the annual trip down the Boise River, floating from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park, where we will all enjoy barbecue, a frosty beverage, live music, and the good company of the IEF attendees.


Program: Barber Park Education and Events Center (in Ada County’s Barber Park off Eckert Road)

Dinner: Old Timer’s Shelter, Ann Morrison Park

Directions: Due to construction, Warm Springs Rd. will be closed the day of the event. Please use either the Boise Avenue route or Federal Way to Amity to gain access.

Parking: Parking is available at Barber Park for $5. Carpooling is encouraged.

Float: Join us on a raft (thanks to volunteers at Idaho Rivers United!) or bring your own “watercraft”

Shuttle: After dinner, a free IEF shuttle bus will whisk you back to Barber Park (7 to 9 pm).


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