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Trueblood Wisdom

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Jeff                  08-Oct-09  

Subject: Trueblood Wisdom
From: Jeff
Date: 08-Oct-09

Ted Trueblood was always a hero of mine. Several years before his death, when I was still in high school, a close friend took me to Ted's house in Nampa to have him sign his book, The Ted Trueblood Hunting Treasury. I still have the book and sometimes refer to it. Recently I found several of his quotes that have guided much of my outdoor recreation thinking. To wit:

"So don't wait until you retire to go hunting and fishing. Don't even wait for your annual vacation. Go at every opportunity. Things that appear urgent at the moment may, in the long run, turn out to be far less so."

"Why work hard and save money and then die before I had a chance to enjoy the things for which I had been saving it? The very idea was insane."

"The important thing is: Don't wait too long. If you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come."

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