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Trout n Classroom

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Subject: Trout n Classroom
Date: 31-Dec-09

Kickoff meeting is Thursday, January 7 at MK Nature Center.

Check back here for the time.

Subject: RE: Trout n Classroom
Date: 03-Jan-10

DRAFT – Jan 3rd, 2010

2010 Trout in the Classroom – Ted Trueblood Trout Unlimited

January 7, 2010, 4:15pm MK Nature Center


1. Introduction – Dan Dauwalter, TU

2. TITC Overview

- Trout Unlimited – Ted Trueblood Chapter

- Idaho Department of Fish and Game

- Volunteer Biologists

- TU Support

3. Resources – Dan Dauwalter, TU

- Contacts

- Websites

- Other resources

4. Tank Setup – Brenda Beckley, IDFG

- Demonstration

- What is provided, what is not

- Where to find equipment (e.g., Craigslist, Pet stores)

- New Chillers (Brenda Beckley and Andy Brunelle)

- Target Setup Date – Friday, January 15th(adj. based on pickup date)

5. Water Quality – Tom Frew, IDFG

- Testing

- Common Problems

- Solutions

6. Past Experiences - Teachers

- Annette Hanson, Timberline High (confirmed)

- Kathy Nicolescu, Riverside Elem. (not confirmed)

- Others

7. Egg Pickup – Brenda Beckley, Tom Frew?, IDFG

- Date (Tom Frew)

- Small Cooler, Some Ice, etc.

- IDFG Contact information (per Brenda or Tom F.):

-contact info here (name, address, phone)

8. End-of-Semester Survey

9. Prizes

Subject: RE: Trout n Classroom
Date: 01-Feb-10

Trout in the Classroom Teachers and Biologists: Your egg pick up day is this Wednesday, February 3rd between 11am and 5pm (excluding 2:45-3:10pm). Teachers and Biologists, please coordinate to pick up your eggs this day in Tom Frew’s office located at IDFG, 600 S. Walnut Street, Boise. This is the main fish and game building adjacent to the MK Nature Center. Go to the Fisheries bureau (signs are in hallway). Ask at the fisheries desk for Tom. We prefer eggs are picked up at this time. However, Tom has agreed to make special arrangements with folks to pick up eggs the evening of February 3rd if needed. This is only by arrangement first with Tom. Contact Tom at 287-2775. IMPORTANT NOTE!: TOM FREW WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FROM 2:45 TO 3:10pm ON WEDNESDAY, FEB. 3RD FOR EGG PICKUP. Where do I store my eggs? If they can’t be placed in the tank immediately, leave the eggs in the cooler or refrigerator. Not in the bottom where they could freeze. Placing eggs in the tank. Place eggs in the vibert box that you will receive during egg pick up. Put them into the box at the bottom of the tank. You can hold the box down with a few rocks. When the fry emerge they will swim out of the box (3 to 4 weeks). Feeding begins when you have fry. Only feed a very small pinch. This is enough food so that the fish to actively eat for one minute. Less is better. Nearly all tank problems are associated with overfeeding. Predicting a hatch date. When your eggs arrive remember to predict a hatch date with your class. Tom will provide you with the Temperature Units (or stage of development) your eggs are at during egg pick up. This lesson is in your TIC guide and attached. This year the rainbow trout eggs are triploid. This means these hatchery fish will not be able to reproduce in the wild. Please see attached triploid article. Sincerely, Your TIC Coordinators Sabrina Beus, Teacher Coordinator, Trout Unlimited sbeus@tu.org; 208-345-9800 Dan Dauwalter, TIC Program Coordinator, Trout Unlimited ddauwalter@tu.org; 208-345-9800 Brenda Beckley, IDFG brenda.beckley@idfg.idaho.gov; 208-287-2833 TIC Resources: Trout Unlimited’s Trout in the Classroom website: http://www.troutintheclassroom.org/ IDFG Trout in the Classroom website: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/education/aquatic/troutClassroom/ Ted Trueblood Chapter Trout in the Classroom website: http://tedtruebloodtu.org/clasroom.htm

Subject: RE: Trout n Classroom
Date: 04-Feb-10

To: Daniel Dauwalter Subject: RE: TIC Egg Pick THIS WEDNESDAY! Thanks to all for the smooth egg delivery yesterday. I think that this year the delivery went as smooth as it ever has. The eggs you received are from 2 year old broodstock. They were pressure treated to induce triploidy thus making them sterile. The eggs were fertilized on January 19th and had 460 temperature units as of yesterday morning. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions, Thomas S. Frew

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