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Woolly Bugger Banquet

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chris jones           11-Apr-10  

Subject: Woolly Bugger Banquet
From: chris jones
Email: jpaul7@q.com
Date: 11-Apr-10

Come Celebrate Woolly Buggers 16th birthday. 6:30 p.m., Saturday April 17, 2010. Cathedral of the Rockies at 11th and Hayes. The program will be about Clayne and his daughter Valerie's fly fishing adventures in New Zealand. The annual Banquet is the club's only money maker and a great way to celebrate the clubs 16 year. The banquet features a program, a power raffle, the Ruth Gleen service awards and pizza from the magic ovens of Pizza Hut plus birthday cake from Albertsons.

Price at the door will be $6.00 per man ,woman, or child. Both a raffle for kids and adults

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