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chris jones           28-Apr-10  
chris jones           28-Apr-10  

Subject: CARPFEST 2010
From: chris jones
Email: jpaul7@q.com
Date: 28-Apr-10

CarpFest 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Top 10 Reasons to Participate in CarpFest 2010

10. You need some garden fertilizer. Everybody does. 9. John O'Connell is providing two kegs of home brew for the Saturday night party. Gratis. (Or: FREE BEER!) 8. See No. 9 7. There's something truly sexy about the term "strip strike." 6. Chicks dig guys who fly fish with big rods. ("Hey Big Boy... is that a Mystic 8-weight you've got there?")

5. You don't have to worry about this guy when you're casting to tailing fish. 4. You'll get a really cool T-shirt that'll identify you as part of the event. One day, your girlfriend will sleep in it ... and nothing else. 3. Guys dig chicks who can handle a big rod. 2. You get to play in the mud, and your mother won't yell at you.

And, the No. 1 reason why YOU should participate in CarpFest 2010:

The next time you use the phrase, "I once caught a fish this big," you won't be lying.

Of course, there are more tangible benefits. For instance, all the money raised will go toward restoring and reconnecting habitat on the South Fork of the Snake River. You donation for this event is tax deductible, and it truly goes to a good cause. We're going to have a hell of a time... hope you can join us! For more information, click here, or drop an e-mail to Chris Hunt. You'll be glad you did. Posted by upacreek333 at 10:07 AM 0 comments Thursday, April 22, 2010 CarpFest 2010 Rules Announced

Rules for CarpFest 2010:

1. Participants of each two-angler team will fish a pair of two-hour "beats" over the two-day period. Every effort will be made to ensure each team fishes one morning beat and one afternoon beat. Depending on the number of teams, this may not be possible. When the two hours is over, the fishing teams will IMMEDIATELY leave the water, and the next beat will begin fishing. 2. Anglers must use a fly rod and a fly (no lures or bait) to catch carp. Only one fly will be allowed on the leader at a time (no multiple-fly rigs). Strike indicators are allowed (but you will be ridiculed openly). Swivels will be allowed. Barbed flies will be allowed. Lead weights, while frowned upon, will be allowed. No scent or spray of any kind is allowed on the fly or on the angler. 3. Anglers may change flies at any time during their two-hour beat. 4. ALL carp landed and brought to officials AT THE BANK will be weighed and recorded. TOTAL WEIGHT over two days will determine the winning team. Carp can then be harvested or released--angler's preference. 5. If an angler has a carp hooked at the time the two-hour "beat" expires, he/she will be allowed to play and land the fish beyond the two-hour time limit, but the angler must do his/her best to stay out of the way of the anglers assigned to the next beat. 6. Entry fees consist of a $150 tax-deductible DONATION per team to Trout Unlimited. Fees must be received at the Idaho Falls TU office by May 15. 7. Only carp hooked and landed will be counted toward the weight total. 8. In the event of a tie, the top position will be decided by a sudden-death, one-fish tie-breaker. Both winning teams will return to the water at the end of the tournament. The first fish landed and brought to officials at the bank will determine the winner. 9. Teams may spread out, but they may not get closer to an angler from an opposing team than one casting length (about 75 feet). We will not have any control over other anglers not associated with CarpFest--this is public water, and we cannot prohibit other anglers from fishing. However, only registered participants will be allowed to weigh fish. 10. Wading only. No boats, pontoons or float tubes allowed. Need a life vest? Fine, but, again, you will be openly ridiculed. 11. A schedule and beats will be announced May 17, 2010. Some anglers will likely start fishing as early as 8 a.m., and conclude fishing as late as 4 p.m. 12. A list of prizes will be announced prior to the tournament. As of now, only the first-place team will win fly rods (a Mystic 8-weight and a Winston 5-weight). Second- and third-place teams will receive various prizes, yet to be determined. 13. Any questions regarding the rules should be directed to Chris Hunt, chunt@tu.org. Posted by upacreek333 at 9:49 AM 0 comments Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Carpe ... Carp!

CarpFest 2010 is just around the corner (May 21-22) and interested anglers can begin registering for the event on April 1, 2010. Registration is $150 per two-person team, and all proceeds after expenses will go to Trout Unlimited's South Fork Snake Home Rivers Initiative.

To Register

To register for CarpFest, please send a check or money order to:

Trout Unlimited C/O CarpFest 2010 151 N. Ridge Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Make check out to Trout Unlimited, and in the memo line, please include the phrase: CarpFest South Fork Snake. We aren't able to accept credit cards just yet, but when we get that system up and running, we'll make the announcement.

Your contribution to TU is tax deductible--TU is a registered non-profit. The money received for CarpFest will go directly to the work TU is doing to restore and reconnect Yellowstone cutthroat trout habitat in the South Fork Snake River drainage.

CarpFest will take place at Gifford Springs on the Snake River about 20 miles downstream from American Falls Reservoir. Maps will be provided to all registrants and others interested in attending the event. Additionally, we are planning a barbecue and silent auction open to the public (free for CarpFest participants, minimal expense for others) the evening of May 22 in Pocatello--location TBA.

For more information, please feel free to contact Chris Hunt or Matt Woodard in the Idaho Falls TU office at (208) 552-0891.

Stay tuned to this site, or follow us on Facebook for more information on CarpFest and a continuously updated list of prizes for participants and all who are interested in the event. Posted by upacreek333 at 5:23 AM 0 comments Labels: American Falls, Carp, CarpFest, fly fishing, fly line, fly rod, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Snake River, Trout Unlimited Home


Subject: CARPFEST 2010
From: chris jones
Email: jpaul7@q.com
Date: 28-Apr-10

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