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Sept. 8th Chapter Mtg

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John Ellsworth        12-Sep-10  

Subject: Sept. 8th Chapter Mtg
Date: 26-Aug-10

Good program coming up on Sept. 8th on Yellowstone NP.

More here - http://blog.tedtruebloodtu.org/post/1012830311/wildfire-1988-to-today-documenting-the

Subject: RE: Sept. 8th Chapter Mtg
From: John Ellsworth
Email: johnsworth123@yahoo.com
Date: 12-Sep-10

September 12, 2010

I very much enjoyed sharing my Yellowstone National Park research work with everyone last Wednesday evening, especially the great questions and discussions. "Thank you!" to the officers and Board members for inviting me and for their support and assistance.

If anyone has further questions, suggestions, or observations please feel free to email me at johnsworth123@yahoo.com.

Thank you!

John Ellsworth

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