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Mores Creek Planting

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Pam                    19-Sep-06  

Subject: Mores Creek Planting
From: Pam
Date: 19-Sep-06

Greetings to all of you enthusiastic supporters of the Mores Creek Floodplain Restoration Project!

You are going to love what you see…. The place is transformed. Fish structures dot the creek (fish are already living under one that was completed two days ago!) Maybe you saw it on Channel 7 and 2 last week, or the Statesman article last Saturday? It’s pretty amazing, look forward to showing you in person.

Our new and raw floodplain is in need of some tender hands to dress it up and protect it for next spring flows. Getting some plants in before a frost could really help the vulnerable new ground to stay intact. We were REALLY lucky to have Sterling Landscape Company donate nearly 4,000 plugs of sedges and rushes for our use. We also have 450 cottonwood plugs awaiting a good home.

AND – planting will be relatively easy, with sandy soil, not much muscle power required ! This is a great opportunity, if you want to be involved in this project.

If you are game – please join me on Saturday September 23rd, and please bring a friend or two! It will go fast with a bunch of us, and we will definitely have some fun. If you remember, bring a garden spade, that is about all that will be needed, we’ll have lots of extras if you don’t have one.

If you can fit this in, 10:00 am would be a good time to show up at the site, if you are a little late, please don’t let that stop you! Please shoot me an email to let me know if you can make it. I’ll have refreshments and snacks.

Please forward this to anyone you think might like to join us, thanks a bunch!

Pam Smolczynski

Trout Unlimited

(208) 938-1110 ex 14

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