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East Idaho Fly Expo

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Subject: East Idaho Fly Expo
Date: 16-Mar-11

I am ready to go fishing. I’ve been tying all winter, my boxes are full of new ideas to test, I’ve worn out a couple maps looking at new spots to explore, and I’ve run out of people who haven’t heard last year’s stories. I’m ready! But, the temperature in Idaho Falls this morning is 10 degrees, the rivers are mostly frozen, and I’m not good enough at casting to get my fly to land in that little hole in the ice every time. I guess it’s a good time to let you all know about the upcoming Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo in Idaho Falls.

General Admission is free.

The 18th East Idaho Fly Tying Expo will be held on April 15th, and April 16th, with the banquet starting at 6:00 on Saturday the 16th. Banquet tickets are $30.00 with a variety of ticket packets available with raffle tickets, etc. included. The Expo has many free activities.

Nationally recognized tiers from all over the country will be tickled to show you their favorite patterns and techniques. They are there by invitation only. Some of them are: Gary Barnes, Gretchen Beatty, Charlie Hune, Randy Randolph, Dave Roberts, Tim Tollett, Joni Tomich, Bob Trowbridge, Dorothy Zinky; including Buszek award winners: Bob Jacklin, Chris Helm, Scott Sanchez, and Bruce Staples.

We have workshops for everyone. Some examples are: Tying Cripples and Emergers - Scott Sanchez, Tying Flies with the Nor-Vise - Harley Reno, and Techniques for New Zealand - Tim Tollett. We have numerous casting workshops, one with Jack Dennis another with Bob Jacklin, and others by nationally recognized guides. There are also workshops on nymphs, knots, and several for novices.

The expo also offers workshops for women, by women. Examples are Women’s Introduction to Fly Tying and Women’s Fly Fishing Clinic. Both will impart talents and skills far beyond the imaginings of mere husbands and boyfriends.

The Expo offers something for everyone from beginner to expert. Workshop prices vary from $35 to $60.

In the past seven years the Expo has raised over $150,000.00 for conservation and fishing related education and projects.

To find out more about the expo and these workshops drop a note to Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler at 275 A Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83401, call (208) 524 – 7160, or email me at gulp78@bridgemail.com .

Look at the time. I’d better get to work. You can find more information on our web site http://www.srcexpo.com/.

Please forward this to your club members. This is one of the premier fly tying events in the United States. I hope you can attend. Bob

Bob Bradford, Outreach Lead

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