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Woolly Bugger Mtg 12.20.11

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Heather Hicks         12-Jan-12  

Subject: Woolly Bugger Mtg 12.20.11
Date: 18-Dec-11

Woolly Bugger Meeting Tuesday, December 20, 2011 6:30 p.m. Idaho Fish and Game 600 S. Walnut

December Program - Roby Surabian will present the case that there is a culture in fly fishing that has a lot more in common with skiing and surfing than men in suits and chalk streams.

Roby will give n overview of the impact new media has had on the sport, sharing and analyzing a special set of video, e-Mags and other online media that will convince you that fly fishing is a very hip, stylish sport. It's a chance to think differently about the sport we love, and should get everyone absorbed in fishing, even while the rivers are just above freezing!

Roby was a member of the Woolly Buggers from age 7 to 16. He spent 3 summers working as a fly fishing guide in central Idaho. He attended the University of Chicago, earning a degree in philosophy. He has given several Woolly Bugger presentations on guiding and fly fishing in Idaho.

Subject: RE: Woolly Bugger Mtg 12.20.11
From: Heather Hicks
Email: turtle1424@aol.com
Date: 12-Jan-12


I have two 8 year old boys who are intersted in flyfishing and needed some more info etc. Meeting time etc.

Thank you

Heather Hicks turtle1424@aol.com

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