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Trout in the Classroom

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Subject: Trout in the Classroom
Date: 24-Feb-12

Here is some important information about the Alevin Stage I wanted to share with everyone at this time: · Most if not all of your eggs should have hatched by now. · Carefully clean out any dead alevin or non viable eggs. (the alevin are very vulnerable at this stage) · If the alevin are out of their vibert boxes they WILL burrow into the rocks/gravel DO NOT DISTURB THE GRAVEL! · Now is the time to COVER UP YOUR FILTER INTAKE! There should already be a plastic piece over the intake, but we have found the alevins can still get sucked up there. Also some of the newer filters have multiple intakes further up the tube. Things to use to cover the intake: o A section of cheap panty hose – use a rubber band to fasten it and make sure to pull it snug. o Netting o Any kind of material that is porous enough to let water flow through without disintegrating (cheese cloth does not work) o I have also seen covers at the pet store that you can buy. · If after putting the cover over your intake, your coils are icing up, you are not getting enough water flow through it. Either pull the fabric tighter or try something else. · The alevin stage will last 1 – 2 weeks. You will see them starting to ‘button up’ and actively start swimming. They probably won’t come up to the surface, but when they do start to swim around, it is time to start offering them a little bit of food. This will tease them up to the surface and teach them where the food will be coming from. · And finally, don’t forget to do your water quality checks and water changes when necessary. Have a great week! Sabrina P.S. Is your chiller disrupting your lecture? Find two 2-liter soda bottles and fill them about ¾ of the way with water and keep in the freezer. Each bottle will keep the chiller from running on a 30 gallon tank for about 4 hours. Change at lunch time and you are good through the end of the day.

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