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Dave Hall (McCall Idaho)  01-Apr-12  

Subject: Wild Rainbows in N.F. Payette River
From: Dave Hall (McCall Idaho)
Email: dave.hall08@yahoo.com
Date: 01-Apr-12

Hi TU people in Boise

I need your input to help save Wild Trout in the North Fork of the Payette River. Currently IDFG lets limits of six trout to be taken from the system. It is open all year I would like to see some regulation set on the NF Payette otherwise I see this fishery to be gone. These Wild Trout come up the River from Cascade Lake(Res.) to spawn in March thru May. Not in large numbers but in large size usually 17-20 inches some 24". In the pictures the one fish being held is 24", about seven pounds. These were all caught this year. Please let Dale Allen of the IDFG in McCall known that these fish need protection from over harvest, we need a voice from Idaho TU.

Thanks Dave Hall hope these pictures turn out /Users/davehall/Desktop/P3270167.JPG/Users/davehall/Desktop/P3300170.JPG

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