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March 4 Sockeye Oct 17

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Subject: March 4 Sockeye Oct 17
Date: 01-Oct-06

Help save sockeye salmon! Only three sockeye salmon returned to Redfish Lake this year. These amazing fish--so important to all Idahoans--are on the brink of extinction. It's time for us to take action--I hope you can join me.

March for Sockeye Tuesday, October 17th 5:30pm Meet in front of Boise City Hall (Capitol Blvd and Main St.)

On October 17th, families, children, scientists, church groups and salmon advocates will come together to take action for Redfish Lake salmon. We'll carry an urgent message to the statehouse steps to let our elected leaders know that we want them to act now, before these iconic fish go extinct.

Please bring your children--they deserve to have a voice, too. They are the generation that will truly miss out on experiencing the heritage of Redfish Lake if we let our sockeye go extinct.

If you would like to help make signs, hand out flyers, or volunteer during the march, please contact Amanda Peacher at (208) 343-7481.

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