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11/14/12 Meeting

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Subject: 11/14/12 Meeting
Date: 10-Nov-12


The Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited’s Wednesday, November 14 meeting will feature a presentation regarding the upcoming Kilpatrick Pond Restoration Project on Silver Creek. Dayna Gross, Silver Creek Preserve manager for The Nature Conservancy, will present the program on this Silver Creek project. J. D. Miller, Ted Trueblood member, will tie seasonal patterns useful on Silver Creek. Idaho Angler, this month's fly sponsor, provides another exciting raffle yet again.

The Nature Conservancy and the Purdy family have signed an agreement to restore Kilpatrick Pond on Silver Creek, an impounded area at the east access bridge that has trapped sediments for decades. The Kilpatrick Pond Restoration Project will be the largest restoration effort ever undertaken on Silver Creek. This Project also represents the most significant action that can be undertaken for reducing water temperature at Silver Creek which is recognized by ecologists as the main long-term threat to this world-class trout stream.

As usual, the Ted Trueblood Chapter will be meeting at the MK Nature Center, behind the IDFG Headquarters Office, 600 South Walnut. Fly tying begins at 6:30 pm with the Chapter's meeting/program following at 7:30. Hope to see you there!

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