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April 27 planting

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Ana Gabica            21-Apr-14  

Subject: April 27 planting
Date: 07-Apr-13

Hello All,

Details of our tree planting event for April 27th are found below. Trout Unlimited is thrilled to get this amazing project started!! These trees have been grown from SEED so they are genetically diverse and you will learn more about the importance of this during the briefing on the day of the planting.


Great news, Matt Perkins, the City of Boise chief arborist, will be joining us on April 27th. Matt is extremely supportive of the native Black Cottonwood Restoration project and we are very pleased to have his assistance on this day.

Thank you, Brian, for allowing Matt to assist us.

Supervalu (Albertsons) Headquarters is allowing us to use their parking lot to access the river at the desired location. I am ccing Dennis here as well, so he can provide these details to their Security Team. Thank you Dennis.

I am sorry I won't be there, I must attend a meeting in West Virginia and cannot change it.

Key people on this email:

Justin is our Boy Scout that is taking the lead. Justin has earned over 90 + merit badges, including his Eagle Scout. You will be in good hands. Justin will be ensuring the watering of these trees for their first summer and reporting mortality rates that will inform us for future plantings.

Matt will be the second lead, if we need to break a very large group into two for planting separate areas. He might enlighten us during the briefing talk by outlining the City's role in keeping the Boise River riparian area the best it can be for all critters and people that depend on it.

Ben is organizing our eager and energetic Church group, thanks so much Ben. It is always a pleasure to work with Church groups and I am sure this will be another successful and FUN event for all. Ben and I have been in communication, he let our volunteer church crew know details.

Albertson's Headquarters parking lot off Park Center (across from the Park Center Pond). 9:00 am start time on April 27th. Likely the project will take under 3 hours, it depends on how many volunteers join us, but either way, we will call it quits on or before noon.

Volunteers should bring:

(1) Filled water bottle (water jug will be provided for refills)

(2) Bucket or pail (doesn't have to be large - these trees are SMALL)

(3) Work gloves

(4) A Smile

Trout Unlimited and the East and Southeast Neighborhood Associations will be providing refreshments to kick off the day and spades and some shovels!

All of you interested parties are now linked together with this email. Please exchange correspondence as questions arise. Good idea to send cell phone numbers to whomever you think may need yours.

Have a great weekend,

Pam Harrington

Restoration Coordinator

Trout Unlimited

Cell: 859-7359

Subject: RE: April 27 planting
From: Ana Gabica
Email: bhcwgurl@yahoo.com
Date: 21-Apr-14

Hello, I am interested in volunteering on the 27th. Do you need anymore help and what are the meet up details for this work day?

Cheers, Ana Gabica

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