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5/9 Chapter Mtg Program

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Subject: 5/9 Chapter Mtg Program
Date: 16-Apr-13

Wednesday, May 9, Chapter Meeting Program

Christmas Island is a legendary saltwater flats fishing destination. It was one of the first saltwater fly fishing destinations pioneered, where reels were tested, rods broken, and techniques developed for bonefish and the extraordinary Giant Trevally. A trip to Christmas Island remains a magical and powerful experience today, some 30 years later.

Rick Williams of Idaho Angler has fished at Christmas Island five times since 1996 and will share photos and experiences of those trips, focusing on the diversity of angling species and opportunities across the diverse angling habitats available to visiting anglers. Few places in the world offer flats of the scale and immensity of Christmas island, where bonefish ghost across ivory and aqua flats, salmon-colored triggerfish hover near coral mounds, and marauding silvery trevally patrol edges of the flats hunting unwary bonefish and milkfish. Rick will also share information and tips on tackle, lodging and travel to Christmas Island for those interested.

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