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Project Healing Waters 4/26

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Subject: Project Healing Waters 4/26
Date: 18-Apr-14

Date: April 26

Time: 10am to 3pm

IF you are getting duplicate emails sorry we are blending and converging volunteer name lists,

but mostly we just really want you!!

Kelly Odell will be the point person for this event and like last year we expect another great experience!!

The general format is:

Arrive and have boat/s in the water by 9:30 (Accepting Belly boats/Rafts/Pontoon boats/Drift boats/Aluminum craft no motors)

9:30 Staff Orientation

10am Fishing begins

There will be on-going casting clinics through the morning at the top and bottom of each hour between 10am and 12pm. A total of 4 clinics. IF YOU CAN COMMITT TO ONE OF THESE 15min TIMES SLOTS PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

PLEASE encourage your boat mates or others to grab a vet and go practice for 15 min.

LUNCH: fisherman will be responsible for their OWN lunches and Please feel free to bring a case of water for your boat.

GEAR: Although we try to encourage people to gather up their own gear please bring a few extra wolly buggers or your favorite “no tell’em bass fly”

We are trying very hard to get a running count of volunteers and boats please reply to Richard Jones and Myself Kelly Odell with your confirmation. Kelly.odell@va.gov


Thank you!!!!!

Richard Jones, Kelly O'Dell, Michael Feiger, Tom Governale, Ian Malepeai

Project Healing Waters Committee

....¸¸ ><((((º>..,,><((((º> ....><((((º> ..,,><((((º> ...,,><((((º>


2nd Annual ALL Veterans "Big Bass"

Fishing Derby

Sponsored by:

Idaho Chapter of Project Healing Waters &

Boise VA Recreation Therapy

Date: April 26

Time: 10am to 3pm

Location: Star Road between Chinden and State St.

Veteran Orientation & Fishing

begins @ 10am!

Participants may arrive 30 min prior

Please read the entire email so that you are prepared and well advised regarding this beautiful resource being offered to Idaho Veterans

RSVP by April 23 @ 422-1000 X7974 or kelly.odell@va.gov

Project Healing Waters, a nationally recognized "Fly Fishing Program" will share their talents, knowledge, boats and gear to give veteran's one of the greatest close to home fishing experiencing you can have!!

See you there!


#1 Date and Time:

Saturday; April 26, 10am to 3pm

9:30am Arrival Time

Location: Star, Idaho

#2 Directions:

The LAKE is located between HW 20-26 "Chinden" & HW 44 "State St" on Star Rd. It is just south of the river. Look for the sign with balloons on the west side of Star Rd.

Purchase Bass Flies @ Idaho Angler, Cabella's, Sportsman Warehouse.

Fishing rods and fly fishing gear will be available at the Pond, we encourage all participants to pick up and practice fly fishing!!!!

Sorry, Rules, Rules, Rules, Rules…

1. CATCH and RELEASE!!!!

2. You must fish with BARBLESS HOOKS and 2x leader or 8lb line

3. Life Jackets are required if fishing from a boat.

4. Idaho fishing license are not required at this lake.

5. This is a fly fishing event equipment/training/mentors are available!!!

6. You may spin fish but we encourage you to pick-up and try a fly rod.


RSVP by April 23 @ 422-1000 X7974 or kelly.odell@va.gov


Biggest, Smallest, First fish caught, Biggest Ugliest "Productive" Fly…

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