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1/31/15 Wilderness First Aid

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Subject: 1/31/15 Wilderness First Aid
Date: 05-Jan-15

The Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited is offering a wilderness medicine course designed for anglers. The eight-hour course, costs $65.00 and is taught by Longleaf Wilderness Medicine. The course will address the specific needs of anglers on water. The morning session will cover CPR, submersion injuries, hypothermia and cold injuries, bites and stings The afternoon session will cover musculoskeletal injuries and splinting, wounds and wound care (including hook removal), ear, nose and teeth injuries, and first aid kit building.

The course will be held in MK Nature Center, January 31 and will be split into two four hour sessions with a break for lunch. The cost for the class is $65.00, Lunch is not included.

To reserve your space go to http://www.tedtruebloodtu.org/wildernessmedicine2015.html or send a check to: Ted Trueblood Chapter of Trout Unlimited PO Box 1971 Boise, Idaho 83701 Space is limited, Phone: 344-0284.

Subject: RE: 1/31/15 Wilderness First Aid
Date: 24-Jan-15

We are a week out. Sign up now!

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