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Nov. 8 Meeting

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Subject: Nov. 8 Meeting
Date: 12-Oct-06

Kim Goodman from TU Idaho Falls office speaks on the Idaho Water Project. Chris Hunt from the TU Idaho Falls office will present a show on his recent far-flung fishing trips.

Subject: RE: Nov. 8 Meeting
Date: 05-Nov-06

Wednesday November 8, 2006 – Member meeting with fly tying at 6:30 p.m. and the regular meeting beginning at 7:30 at the MK Nature Center.

Meeting Program: Chris Hunt, communications director for Trout Unlimited's Public Lands Initiative, will give a photo presentation of the fly fishing opportunities available on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, as well as discuss the work TU is doing on the Tongass National Forest relative to fisheries and habitat. The island is an excellent laboratory in that it is indicative of what can happen when development and road-building are done irresponsibly. The island's ample road access makes it an ideal setting for seeing past logging and roading, and what happens to fish and wildlife habitat in the years after the development concludes. Thankfully, the fishing remains stellar, but threats to the future of the island's fishery still exist and are unfortunately being mirrored throughout southeast Alaska on the Tongass. You don't want to miss this meeting.

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