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11.11.15 Meeting

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Subject: 11.11.15 Meeting
Date: 04-Nov-15

In June 2015 Trout Unlimited unveiled its new report titled State of the Trout, the most comprehensive look at the health and viability of American trout and char populations ever compiled. Trout and char across America are imperiled and face continuing threats to their long-term persistence. State of the Trout examines the myriad threats facing our nation’s coldwater fish, and the impact those threats are having today on our prized trout populations from coast to coast. In addition, it lays out a roadmap for trout and char recovery in America, an ambitious plan that, if followed and supported by anglers, state and federal agencies and elected officials, can ensure trout will be a part of our children’s future. The Trout Unlimited science team prepared the State of the Trout report. It is probably not well known that most of the TU science team is based in Boise, and for our November 11 program we will have a presentation from Kurt Fesenmeyer about the State of the Trout report. Kurt is a conservation planner and works on a variety of applications, particularly related to anadromous species and fine-scale assessments. Kurt has master’s degrees in forestry and environmental management from Duke University. He has been with TU since 2008.

In addition, we will have Eagle Scout Wil Cook make a presentation on his South Fork Boise River photo-monitoring project.

We will meet at the MK Nature Center Auditorium, behind the IDGF Headquarters Office, 600 South Walnut Ave. A fly tying demonstration will start at 6:30 pm with the regular meeting beginning at 7:30.

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