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3.9.16 Meeting

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Subject: 3.9.16 Meeting
Date: 04-Mar-16

March 9 Trout Unlimited Chapter Meeting

We’ve all heard that the Snake River has been extensively modified by dams and reservoirs and is considered a “working river” these days. That essentially means that the river is subject to large irrigation water withdrawals and agriculturally polluted return flows plus altered by hydroelectric dam and reservoir operations. Among these dams and reservoirs, Idaho Power Company meets a substantial amount of it’s generating demand from three dams in the Hells Canyon Complex (HCC). In recent years, and as part of project relicensing, IPC has been required to undertake mitigation actions that will help lower water temperatures and improve aquatic environmental conditions throughout the middle and lower Snake River.

We have asked IPC’s Chris Randolph to present a program on their Comprehensive Stewardship Program that will include a suite of mainstem Snake River and tributary environmental measures. This program is intended to provide substantial water temperature, water-quality, and habitat benefits to the Snake River above, through and below the Hells Canyon Complex. Fisheries will be benefited. Chris heads up IPC’s Environmental Affairs Department.

We meet in the auditorium of The Nature Center behind IDFG’s Headquarters Office, 600 South Walnut. A fly tying demo starts at 6:30 with the regular meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.

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