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5.11.16 Meeting

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Subject: 5.11.16 Meeting
Date: 11-May-16

WED., MAY 11, 2016 TROUT UNLIMITED MEETING Our May chapter meeting will feature a program presentation by Dan Isaak, a US Forest Service fisheries biologist scientist with the Rocky Mountain Research Station in Boise. Dan has conducted research in understanding how climate change, disturbance, and biophysical interactions across space and time affect population dynamics of aquatic organisms and their habitats in mountain streams. Dan is the lead author on the path-breaking work of the Climate Shield, and its website http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/boise/AWAE/projects/ClimateShield.html that hosts geospatial data and related information that describes specific locations of cold-water refuge streams for native Cutthroat Trout and Bull Trout across the northwestern U.S. The Climate Shield forecasts about the locations of refugia could enable the protection of key watersheds, be used to rally support among multiple stakeholders, and provide a foundation for planning climate-smart conservation networks that improve the odds of preserving native trout populations through the 21st century. We will meet at the Nature Center Auditorium (behind the IDF&G Headquarters Office) 600 Walnut Ave Boise, ID 83712

The regular meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

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