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Camo Day 1/16/07

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Subject: Camo Day 1/16/07
Date: 04-Dec-06

Dear ISSU members and friends –

Please see the attachment or look below for important information about an event occurring January 16th 2007.

Camo Day at the Idaho State Capital will be your opportunity as a concerned citizen to inform the legislature that the Idaho hunting and fishing community is interested in protecting Idaho wildlife and our traditional Idaho sporting heritage.

Please take some time off January 16th or the day off and join other Idaho sportsmen and women from around the state.

It is time to organize and remind our elected officials that sportsmen are a powerful voting block. We have not been organized and actively involved in legislative decisions since the Bear Initiative.

Sportsmen must reorganize and show that we are paying attention - We want access and demand that the Idaho legislature commit protect the traditional wild, fair-chase hunting experience for today’s Idahoans and for generations to come.

A quality, natural Idaho experience is invaluable and must be protected at all costs.

This event is sponsored 30 plus state wide sporting and hunting organizations that make up the Idaho Sportsman Caucus Advisory Counsel (TU, DU, RMEF, ISSU, NWTF, FNAWS, BASS, IWF and many many more) The goal is to have THOUSANDS of individuals at the State Capital on the 16th.

Please get your Camo out, grab the kids and come down.

Pass this message on to your hunting & fishing friends


January 16th, 2007

11am - 2pm

State Capital

Please join the thousands of members of the Idaho sporting & hunting public in an effort remind the Idaho Legislature that sportsmen are their 2nd largest voting block.

All sportsmen should attend and show support for Idaho wildlife & our sporting heritage!!!

Do not let this day go unnoticed, plan to attend now!

Wear your Camo and bring your friends!

Keynote Speaker: Jim Posewitz, Hunters Institute

For more information contact:

Bob Minter 382-0010 Mark Bell 250- 9495

Richard Beesley 317- 3678 Jerry Bullock 403-7009

Sponsored by –

The concerned men & women members of Idaho’s numerous sporting & hunting organizations that make up the Idaho Sportsman Caucus Advisory Counsel

Matthew J. Yost

Field Director Idaho Steelhead and Salmon Unlimited 3222 Morris Hill Boise, Idaho 83706

(208)424-3351 office (208)371-1433 cell


Committed to the Restoration of Idaho's Wild Ocean-Run Fish

For more information – www.issu-wildfish.org

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