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Conserving, protecting, and restoring Southwest Idaho's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

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Trueblood Board Meeting - Feb. 7

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James Piotrowski       18-Jan-07  

Subject: Trueblood Board Meeting - Feb. 7
From: James Piotrowski
Email: James@hpllp.net
Date: 18-Jan-07

Folks, the monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees (or is it Board of Directors?) will take place on Wednesday, February 7. That's a still a couple weeks away, so clear your calendars and plan to attend.

We'll have one main agenda item: The National Convention, occurring in Boise, September 13 (or thereabouts) to 16. We'll be discussing the event, establishing committees and committee chairs, and generally making plans. Pulling off a successful annual meeting will require lots of volunteer help, so even if you're not a board member, feel free to attend.

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