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Woolly Bugger Banquet

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Subject: Woolly Bugger Banquet
Date: 10-Feb-07

All You Jolly Trout Unlimited Members:

The Woolly Buggers will hold their 13 birthday banquet March 3rd. at the Cathedral of the Rockies in Boise. at 13th and Hays (behind Boise High School) The banquet will start at 6:30 pm.

Out speaker will be Judge Steve Trott from the 60's music group the Highwaymen. We have a lot of the local clubs coming to this event. We are setting up so that supporting groups can sit together. the food is from the magic ovens of Pizza Hut.

We have FFFI, WFFI. BVFF, Gem State, Indianhead FF's, The price is $6 per man woman & child. We hope people can scoop-up kids that like to fish and bring 'em along. We expect to have some wonderful prizes in both the adult & kid's raffle. For Reservations call Yvonne/Clayne at 322-8118 or email

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