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Trout in Classroom

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Jeff                   09-Apr-07  
anser                  10-Apr-07  

Subject: Trout in Classroom
Date: 20-Mar-07

Hello All - I thought I would share this article with you. Annette runs a fantastic Trout in the Classroom Program. _____________________________________ Hey Tom & Dona & Jake Thought you might enjoy the article that came out in the National Education Association magazine ! http://www.nea.org/neatoday/0703/fieldtrips.html
The students are holding up the fish in the plastic bag (-: Jake, do you have Carrie's e-mail as I wanted to send this to her also. Thanks Annette

Subject: RE: Trout in Classroom
From: Jeff
Date: 09-Apr-07

Alrighty, I'm scheduled to do a fish necropsy with Tom Frew (IDFG) at Cole Christian on Friday the 20th. Man, if there is one thing 4th graders love is talking about goo, guts and slime. Given that fish have the whole tri-fecta, this should make for an engaging afternoon in the classroom! I haven't dissected a trout since working in the hatchery system. Tom just ordered a couple of brood stock retirees from Nampa hatchery. He wants these kids to see some gonads, man! I contacted Dave Cannamella as to the possibility of using the foam fish pillow, complete with foam "innards", for the afternoon. Hey Clayne, do you think your Wooly Buggers would like to see a fish dissected sometime at your meeting? all slimed up, Jeff

Subject: RE: Trout in Classroom
From: anser
Date: 10-Apr-07

Dear Community Member,

Middle Childhood at Anser Charter School has embarked on a yearlong study of the Boise River with the purpose of providing an opportunity for the citizens of Boise to learn more about the Boise River through our final product. The final product being picture books revolving around the Boise River. We would like to share these books with you and other community members on the day that we release the trout we have raised in the class into the Boise River. This event will take place the afternoon of Friday April 20th at 12:40pm on the banks of the Boise River in Ann Morrison Park. We are trying to gauge the number of individuals who would be interested in attending this event. If you could e-mail me back at your earliest convenience to let me know whether or not you would be able to attend, it would be greatly appreciated. I can then better organize our students so they can share their books. If there is someone else you know that would benefit from attending this event, please let me know so I can contact them. I will send out a more formal invitation upon receiving feedback.


Jake Dobson

Middle Childhood Crew Leader

Anser Charter School

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