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May TU Meeting

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Andy                  06-May-07  

Subject: May TU Meeting
Date: 21-Mar-07

We've got Jeff Dillon from IDFG coming to talk about what their fish population studies on the South Fork Boise are indicating.

Word is the overall numbers are still less than in the past. But the large fish are getting larger...

South Fork is an enigma in its own way.

More speculation to come...

Subject: RE: May TU Meeting
Date: 28-Apr-07

Wednesday, May 9 Ted Trueblood Chapter Meeting -- IDFG Regional Fishery Biologist, Lance Hebdon, will provide a presentation on the South Fork Boise River. Lance’s program will cover the history of fishery management of the South Fork and the results of the IDFG population survey conducted in 2006 with comparison to population trends over the last 10 years. Many of us have fished the South Fork for a bunch of years and have seen changes in the fishery, and of course, an increase in the fishing pressure. Regardless of these changes, the South Fork remains a beautiful, quality trout river close by. It’s not stocked and is probably the only quality trout river in Idaho that is not commercially guided. This has been a great benefit to the general public fisherman.

We’ll have a fly tying demonstration starting a 6:30 pm with the regular meeting and program beginning at 7:30. The Ted Trueblood Chapter of TU meets in the MK Nature Center auditorium, 600 South Walnut (behind IDFG headquarters office).

Subject: RE: May TU Meeting
From: Andy
Date: 06-May-07

We will discuss this meaning of life:

South Fork Boise River

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