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Lecture March 29

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Subject: Lecture March 29
Date: 23-Mar-07

Hi all. Next Thursday March 29 we will host Jack Williams of Trout Unlimited who will be giving a seminar entitled "Strategies to Restore Resilience and Resistance to Climate Change in Trout Populations". Jack is a Senior Scientist for TU based in Medford, Oregon. I have included a brief abstract of Jack's talk below. As usual the brown bag will take place at noon on Thursday in the RMRS conference room on the 4th floor of the Water Center. Bring your lunch and we hope to see you there. -Matt Jack's Abstract: Climate change and associated global warming are likely to cause unprecedented environmental change, including severe impacts to stream systems and coldwater-dependent fishes. If native trout populations are to persist in the face of such change we will need new strategies that protect and expand our best remaining populations while preventing further advances of non-native species. We describe scale appropriate strategies for restoring resistance and resilience to climate change in trout populations. We also describe how these strategies might be implemented using data and examples from Trout Unlimited's Conservation Success Index.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Matthew R. Dare USFS RMRS Boise Aquatic Sciences Laboratory 322 East Front Street, Suite 401 Boise, Idaho 83702 Ph. 208.373.4371 Fax 208.373.4391 mdare@fs.fed.us

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