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Idaho Hatchery History

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Subject: Idaho Hatchery History
Date: 29-Apr-07

Subject: Fish Tales: A Hundred Years of Hatcheries


The Fish & Game is cooperating with the Idaho Historical Museum to bring our "Fish Tales: A Hundred Years of Hatcheries" exhibit to the Boise Museum from May 12th through Free Fishing day, June 9th. It is a display that was first set up in the Idaho Falls Museum from August through January last year and apparently was tremendously well received by the public.

Since it is the launch of fishing season, I've been trying to build a few events around the museum display. We are targeting Saturday, May 19th (May 12th is Migratory Bird Day and we have other commitments) and the evening of First Thursday, June 7th. Apparently they have a huge amount of family traffic on First Thursday because the Art Museum and the Historical Museum are both open in the evenings for free. It also happens to be the last day of school in the Boise school district which should work in our favor.

Is there any chance that your group would be interested in holding a clinic on May 18th? Or if not then, the 7th? The museum has a great expanse of lawn next to it right in Julia Davis Park...and of course the river is nearby...I will promote the heck out of it if you folks can do the clinic.

Thanks loads, Sue

Sue Nass Television Writer /Producer Idaho Department of Fish & Game

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