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Snake Plain Aquifer

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Subject: Snake Plain Aquifer
Date: 08-May-07

Hello ITUBS email list,

In an effort to keep Idaho TU chapters current on the work of the Idaho Water Project, I wanted to let you and your members know about a couple of exciting recent developments.

First, I have been asked to sit on an Advisory Committee designed to help the State of Idaho new policies to solve surface and ground water management problems on the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. I am one of fifteen members appointed to the Committee and the only member representing the interests of the environmental and conservation communities. Other members include representatives of municipalities, ground and surface water users, developers, domestic well owners and hydropower interests, among others.

It is an incredible honor to be named to this Advisory Committee. I will use this opportunity to make sure the interests of fish – particularly Idaho’s native coldwater fish – are considered in any management proposals related to the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. The Committee, which was appointed by the Idaho Water Resources Board, is charged with helping to develop solutions to the challenges currently faced by the aquifer and its users. It will collaboratively develop acceptable surface and ground water management proposals for public review and decision-making by the board. The Idaho Legislature authorized the Idaho Water Resource Board to develop the framework for a comprehensive management plan of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. The development of a comprehensive aquifer management plan in the public interest is the second phase of that effort. The first Advisory Committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday, May 10 in Pocatello at the Ramada Inn.

Additionally, the US Fish and Wildlife Service nominated Badger Creek on the Little Lost River for national recognition by the Native Fish Habitat Action Plan as one of the nation’s “Ten Waters to Watch.” The acknowledgement recognizes the work of collaborative partners working to restore native fish populations. Most of you have seen presentations on our ESA-listed bull trout recovery efforts on the Little Lost River, and know about the myriad collaborative habitat and flow restoration projects with the Forest Service, IDFG, BLM, FWS, DEQ, IDWR and many others. TU is in the midst of a major restoration project on Badger Creek that will be completed in the next month or so, and will be complemented by restoration of its full natural flow through a 30-year non-diversion agreement. TU’s work is recognized as priority restoration under the FWS Bull Trout Recovery Plan, and complements work by the Salmon-Challis National Forest to restore habitat and remove grazing along Badger Creek on Forest Service lands. Please let us know if you would like to get out to tour our project or to volunteer with plantings along Badger Creek this spring.

As you can see, we are keeping very busy, and we are proud of the TU’s accomplishments in Idaho. Attached you will find two press releases with similar text for you to use in your emails or newsletters to disperse this information to your members. Please feel free to share the news broadly. If you have any questions or recommendation or would like more information about the work being done by the Idaho Water Project, please feel free to call me at 208-552-0891 ext. 712.



Kimberley T. Goodman

Director, Idaho Water Office

Trout Unlimited

151 North Ridge, Suite 120

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

(208) 552-0891 x.712


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