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Dutch Creek 7/14-15

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Subject: Dutch Creek 7/14-15
Date: 22-Jun-07

Dutch Creek Cabins: Collaboration with Sierra Club July 14-15

Last summer Trueblood TU began working with the Boise National Forest to rehabilitate and maintain two cabins at the old Dutch Creek Guard Station on the Middle Fork of the Boise River.

Trueblood is helping the USFS maintain the cabins as a way of supporting the Boise National Forest’s habitat protection and restoration activities and in exchange for Chapter use of the facility.

July 14 and 15, 2007, Trueblood TU will work with volunteers from the local chapter of Sierra Club on maintenance work, hopefully some fairly simple painting and grounds work. We need people that are new to volunteering. And we need folks that do get their hands dirty regularly for our conservation projects. Please consider making this your debut for projects, or if you are a veteran volunteer, please come welcome our new-comers stepping up. Sierra Club plans on 30 of their members attending this event. A fishing clinic will be provided afterward (we need some volunteers for that as well).

Work will begin at the Dutch Creek guard station at 9:30 am. On Saturday July 14th. Lunch gratefully provided to volunteers, please camp overnight at Dutch Creek either or both nights if you are inclined. This is definitely a family-friendly trip, with plenty of flat ground for tents, parking for RVs, and fully functioning bathrooms in the two small cabins. Please contact Pam Smolczynski to let her know you are coming, questions, directions, etc. Pam can be reached at 938-1110 ex. 14 or

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