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After Action Report

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James Piotrowski      17-Sep-07  
Richard               18-Sep-07  
Andy                  18-Sep-07  
James                 20-Sep-07  
Andy                  21-Sep-07  
Andy                  12-Dec-07  

Subject: After Action Report
From: James Piotrowski
Email: James@hpllp.net
Date: 17-Sep-07

Well, Trouters, how about we use this space for a little After Action Report.

I thought everything went extraordinarily well. What could we have done to make it even better. I have a few minor thoughts.

1. Fishing day. As far as I know we had exactly one hiccup: a host who didn't show up, but Sally covered it well and got an alternate. Also, I just found a box of flies in my car that was supposed to go into the free flies for anglers. Oh well. How to improve it? I don't really know. I heard rave reports about the fishing, our hosts, and even the lunch all weekend long.

2. Conservation Tour. People LOVED planting trees. They loved our projects. They loved the presentations by Andy, the Steves and Carl. How to improve it? I think the work element could be further emphasized, get those folks to DO SOMETHING, I think they'll enjoy it. Also, this was an audience that was prepared to hear more technical data about our projects.

3. Friday Night BBQ. I thought it was FANTASTIC. Food was great, the only downside was that we needed two tables of food instead of one. On that end, I think maybe our caterer was not so experienced as we might have hoped. Also, two beer stations instead of one to shorten the line.

4. Hospitality Suite. I noticed that while the food we put out got eaten, I don't think anybody would have missed it. More beverages, less food. The microbrews were a huge hit, that's the way to go with this crowd.

5. Banquet/Auction. Can't think of a thing I'd do differently. Good merchandise, good revenues, good fun.

Subject: RE: After Action Report
From: Richard
Date: 18-Sep-07


Please read the following email.



From: Rick Axt Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 7:45 AM To: Jones, Richard Subject: RE: TU Fishing Day

Hi Richard.

If you didn’t already hear, we had a fantastic day with Shawn and Wayne.

The NJ guys caught some monster browns and we didn’t want to leave the river at the end of the day.

We will be thinking about the Owyhee for a long time.

Please pass our gratitude on to the planning committee for putting this together.

You did a great job and we all enjoyed the conference.

Well done!

Thanks again

Rick Axt NJTU council chair

Subject: RE: After Action Report
From: Andy
Date: 18-Sep-07

Here's a note from Amanda:

Andy, I just wanted to say that it was great meeting you in Boise. You folks in Idaho are quite an impressive bunch and were incredible hosts. You all did a wonderful job highlighting local projects, giving us some Idaho flavor, and making it a memorable Annual Meeting. I hope you guys had some great success with your auction Saturday night. It was a great auction, well run, and you had many compliments from fellow TU'ers. Again, thank you, and the rest of the Idaho Council leadership, for your hard work and dedication to this year's Annual Meeting. It was greatly appreciated. Hope to see you in 2008! Amanda Amanda B. Fisher Director of Special Events Trout Unlimited 1300 North 17th St., Ste. 500 Arlington, VA 22209 p. 703-284-9405

Subject: RE: After Action Report
From: James
Email: James@hpllp.net
Date: 20-Sep-07

People loved us, our rivers, our projects, you name it. I think we should reach out to some of these folks in the future when we need help on projects or funding. Richard, make sure you keep that spreadsheet of who you sent where so we can particularize a pitch to some of these folks in the future based on where they fished.

Subject: RE: After Action Report
From: Andy
Date: 21-Sep-07


Thanks so much for helping provide such great hospitality to all of TU! You guys thought of everything and we enjoyed time on the water with Barry and Chad. By the way, I’d appreciate it if you could shoot me some contact information for Barry so I can thank him again.

Your chapter’s project efforts were mightily impressive, and I wanted to talk with you about the whole transportation mitigation funding thing. Barry described your good work in matching up available mitigation dolloars with worthy projects, and it seems to me worth investigating whether TU in other states might do the same thing. Any thoughts you might have would be welcomed. Our Wisconsin TROUT editor, Todd Hanson, was interested and might want to do a story on the concept as well. Seems like Ducks Unlimited has the idea well in hand, so TU might be a good organizer of similar projects in coldwater riparian areas.

Maybe we can even fish at the 2008 event. You deserve the break.

All the best,

Duke Welter

Subject: RE: After Action Report
From: Andy
Date: 12-Dec-07

Couple more emails in response to our YouTube video of Mores Creek:

Andy, Nice job, the work that your council and chapters have done are simply outstanding, and should act to get other chapters to follow suit. Thanks for the memories! Rick Ege Northern Regional VP New Jersey State Council TU

Andy thank you and your daughter for taking the time to make that video available for us. Great memories and I am looking forward to UTAH!!! You guys did a great job hosting the event, I will make IDAHO a destination for years to come. Have a great Holiday. -- Ted L. Gardziel VP - Hammonasset Chapter Trout Unlimited National Leadership Chair - CT Trout Unlimited

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