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Boise River Water

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Subject: Boise River Water
Date: 21-Sep-07

Boise River Lecture Series Where’s the Water? Boise River Winter Flows Threatened

Winter flows in the Boise River and the controversy surrounding them will be the subject of a free community lecture on Tuesday, September 25 at 6:00 pm at Garden City Hall, 6015 Glenwood Street. The program is sponsored by Idaho Rivers United and the Garden City Library.

A panel of experts will review the history of Lucky Peak Reservoir and winter flows in the Boise River, the benefits of winter flows to fish and wildlife, the role winter flows play in pollution management, and the current conflict between irrigators and the Bureau of Reclamation.

The release of small volumes of water into the Boise River from Lucky Peak Reservoir every year in between irrigation seasons is being challenged by fourteen irrigation districts in the Snake River Basin Adjudication. Pioneer Irrigation District, Settlers Irrigation District, Eureka Water Company, Ballantyne Ditch Company, Eagle Island Water Users, Thurmond Mill Ditch Company, Boise Valley Irrigation District, Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District, New Dry Creek Ditch Company, Boise Project Board of Control, Farmers Union Ditch Company, Canyon County Water Company, Middleton Irrigation Association, and Middleton Mill Ditch Company claim water should only be released for irrigation purposes.

Speakers include Peter Anderson, staff attorney and water policy specialist for Trout Unlimited’s Idaho Water Project and John Heimer, Idaho Rivers United Board of Directors. Peter previously worked as a deputy attorney general for the Washington and Idaho water resource agencies and as a hearing officer deciding, among other matters, water rights cases for the Idaho Departments of Water Resources. John Heimer worked 33 years as a fishery biologist for the Idaho Fish and Game Department. In 1998 he started Boise River Tours and operated it through 2004 doing nature rafting tours of the Boise River in the Garden City-Eagle area.

Idaho Rivers United is a membership organization that works to protect and restore Idaho's rivers and native fisheries. For more information visit www.idahorivers.org or call 343-7481.

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