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Conserving, protecting, and restoring Southwest Idaho's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

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Nov 7 Board Meeting

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Subject: Nov 7 Board Meeting
Date: 06-Nov-07


Ted Trueblood Chapter will hold its regularly scheduled board meeting this Wednesday, at 6:00 pm, at Chicago Connection, 4th and Bannock.

I will not be able to attend, so Andy Brunelle will facilitate in my absence. If Andy isn’t there, drink some beer and plan the future of SW Idaho’s trout.

Here’s a start on an agenda, let Andy know if you have additional items.

1. November Chapter Meeting, program, flytyer (Prange) 2. State Council Meeting Report (C.Jones, Barney, Brunelle) 3. Boise River stream bank projects (Brunelle) 4. Christmas Party (McDonogh) 5. Fund Raising Event Proposal from Treasure Valley Land Trust (Brunelle) 6. Chapter Strategic Planning Retreat (All – please discuss dates after the first of the year for a weekend event) 7. Other Items

Have a great meeting, and somebody please report to me how it goes and any decisions made.

Subject: RE: Nov 7 Board Meeting
Date: 11-Nov-07

Christmas party is Thursday, December 13. Mike McDonogh is coordinating.

Chapter strategic planning committee is Mike, Rick Prange & Chris Jones. Looking at a Jan. or Feb date for strategic planning meeting.

Trout in the Classroom kickoff meeting will be January 15, 2008. We are adding several new schools to the group. Also losing a couple.

South Fork Boise River meeting with IDFG, Bu Rec. and Boise NF at IDFG on Nov. 15 at 1:00 p.m. Attending from TU will be Rick, Mike Toalson, Andy Brunelle, Jeff Barney and Pam Smolczynski.

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