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Trout in the Classroom

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Subject: Trout in the Classroom
Date: 05-Jan-08

South West Idaho Trout in the Classroom Program 2008:

As you know we have been planning another semester of the Trout in the Classroom Program! Trout Unlimited is excited about beginning anew this year and inviting a few new classrooms into the program. As we all embark on new experiences there are a few matters of business that you all should be aware of.

Trout Unlimited has coordinated with the Idaho Fish and Game to plan the annual program kick-off meeting to be held at the MK Nature Center on Wednesday, January 15, 2008. The kick-off will begin at 4:30pm. The MK Nature Center is located behind the Idaho Fish and Game Headquarters and near Municipal Park in Boise. This kick-off meeting will be an opportunity for people new to the program to learn more about the Program, learn best practices and maybe even what not to do. For those of you who have been raising trout in your classrooms this is an excellent gathering to refresh your memory, network and begin to ramp up again for another semester.

In relation to equipment the first question we have to address is the number of Vibert boxes each classroom currently has. Vibert boxes are the white/clear plastic boxes that snap together to become your trout egg’s new home. These boxes are utilized in rivers and classrooms to protect fertilized salmonid eggs until the point when the little creatures have the ability to swim through the slots of the box and move to the protection of the river substrate or the rocks in the bottom of your aquarium. The Idaho Fish and Game has been kind enough to provide Vibert boxes to new classrooms in the Trout in the Classroom Program. These little homes are reusable from year to year and the Fish and Game Department will be able to supply new Vibert boxes to the classrooms that are joining the program this year. Please, take a moment to do an inventory check with regard to the equipment you utilize for Trout in the Classroom and confirm that you still have your Vibert boxes from past semesters. Please let me know if you have lost or broken your original boxes so they can be replaced.

As we are having our annual kick-off meeting January 15th we strongly encourage classrooms to have their aquarium up and running by Monday, January 21st. This will provide mentor biologist and Trout Unlimited Liaisons an opportunity to trouble shoot any maintenance issues. This time frame will also give your tanks a chance to, for a lack of a better term, germinate. We suggest letting tanks run for at least a solid week before placing the eggs into the aquarium, allowing an opportunity for chlorine to dissipate and initial water testing to begin.

In coordination with the Idaho Fish and Game we are tentatively planning on having eggs ready for classrooms the week of January 28th. Egg pick up day will be announced at this Kick-off Meeting The reason you need to know this now is that the eyed eggs need to be placed in their new homes ideally within 12 hours for optimal survival – another good reason to have your tanks up and running!

Furthermore, I would like to share with you all a quick note: There is a ton of information on the internet these days on Trout in the Classroom. The quickest and easiest way to access this is to Google Trout in the Classroom.

So, with that, I look forward to hearing your questions, ideas, and concerns. Please, inform me if you need to replace a Vibert box and we will coordinate those needs with the Idaho Fish and Game. I appreciate all of your dedication and for utilizing a resource such as this one to its fullest potential.

I am looking forward to another successful semester!

Thank you all again,


Jake Duplessie


Trout Unlimited, Ted Trueblood Chapter www.tedtruebloodtu.org

Subject: RE: Trout in the Classroom
Date: 05-Jan-08

2008 Trout in the Classroom - Ted Trueblood Trout Unlimited January 15, 2008, 4:30PM MK Nature Center


1. Trout in the Classroom Program Overview - IDFG Involvement and New Curriculum - Volunteer Biologists - Tips for success A. change _ of the tank water a week B. 50 degrees C. water tests - nitrate/ammonia) - Real world experiences (what works; what doesn't?)

2. Aquarium/system setup/vibert boxes Date - Tuesday, January 21st

3. Trout egg pick up, feed, and release - Pick up Date - Feed just a pinch - IDFG notification (when/where) 4. Contacts and networking opportunities… Roster.

5. Websites for Trout in the Classroom teachers and students: - Google: Trout in the Classroom

- Trout Unlimited National site: www.tu.org Local chapter: www.tedtruebloodtu.org

Subject: RE: Trout in the Classroom
Date: 17-Jan-08

Hello Everyone - I have updated the Trout in the Classroom Roster. You will find Amy Parrish and Lani Clifford's contact information in this version. Please, remember to contact Lani for a permit to release your trout into the wilds of Idaho. Don't forget Egg Pick-up Day is Thursday, January 24th. You can pick up eggs at Tom Frew's Office at Fish and Game Headquarters. His information is in the roster as well: Thomas S. Frew Resident Hatcheries Supervisor Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game 600 S. Walnut St. Boise, ID 83707 208-287-2775, 208-863-7172 Cell Message from Tom:

Hi all,

It was good to see you last night! I have scheduled the eggs to be delivered to my office on Thursday January 24. They will arrive from Hayspur about 12:30. Please plan on picking them up here anytime after that. Bring a small lunch type cooler with a few ice cubes and wet paper towels. 100 eggs is about two tablespoons so you really do not need a very large container.

I will hang around here until about 6:00 unless you need me later than that. Please call my cell at 208-863-7172 if you are running later than that.

I will at that time have your eggs, feed and additional Vibert boxes.

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