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Woolly Buggers 1/15 Mtg.

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Subject: Woolly Buggers 1/15 Mtg.
Date: 07-Jan-08

Help!!!!!!! The Woolly Buggers are going to hold their Tuesday January 15th meeting at Cole School at the corner of Fairview & Cole Road. We will cast in the gymnasium. We are going to have a meeting totally devoted to fly casting. Last April our normal casting meeting we were rained-out. Thus, many of our kids can not cast well. We will meet at 6:30 to 8 p.m. Could you contact all of the TU members who know how to cast to help us out. This is a great time to bring these groups together and ROCK & ROLL! I have a ton of fly fishing equipment and some Idaho Spud Bars for the kids to win. I am giving away FIVE FLY RODS IN THE RAFFLE. We should have a good crowd. Hope you had a great New Year and your babe is happy and learning to tie flies. Clayne

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