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Sportsmens Caucus 1/17

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Subject: Sportsmens Caucus 1/17
Date: 14-Jan-08

Also, just wanted to let you know that ISCAC’s “Camo Day” is scheduled for January 17th again this year. There will be a day event with folks showing up and speakers at Idaho’s temp. Capital. And then a social event that night. I believe that’s at the Grove Hotel. I, hopefully, will be able to attend that event with Holly that evening after I fly in from DC. It’s basically a kind of “rub elbows and smooz with state legislators” type of thing. It’d be great if you could be – with whoever else wants to show up (maybe Jeff or some other board members?) there as well. I believe that TU needs to support ISCAC as much as possible. I try to attend as many meetings as possible and they’ve, organizationally, been very supportive of our issues. For more details on camo day and the evening event please contact Bill Boyer (ISSU) at 424.3351 or email at: issunlimited@qwest.net Bill is the ISCAC secretary and a great guy.

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