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Subject: On the Rise
Date: 07-Apr-08

Hi All,

Everyone knows that working for TU comes with great benefits! Here is the trailer for TU’s new show “On the Rise.”

Last fall, Barrett Productions filmed four episodes in Idaho that will air in April and May on the Outdoor Channel: one on the South Fork (featuring Matt Woodard and conservation partners), one in the Rapid River Roadless Area (with the best roadless guide Scott Stouder), and two on the Big Lost (our pet project for the Idaho Water Project with Jim Gregory, myself, and many of our partners in the Big Lost). Each episode features Frank Smetherst knocking fish dead, but also highlights TU’s conservation work in these priority areas.

We all look forward to the show’s debut, with Big Lost episodes airing on May 23 and 30. Hopefully our fish will all look 10 lbs heavier on film! Follow the link below to see the trailers and view the schedule of shows.

Also, the Silver Creek Outfitters’ Annual Fly Fishing Film Festival is on Thursday, June 26. We hope to work out details to air the episode on the Upper Big Lost River as part of the festival. Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Hemingway Chapter in Sun Valley, who support the Idaho Water Project’s Upper Big Lost fisheries restoration project. Enjoy!

Tight lines,

Kim Goodman

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