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May Board Meeting

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Andy                  05-May-08  

Subject: May Board Meeting
Date: 28-Apr-08

Preliminary agenda for May Board meeting.

OK, guys, a lot has been happening this month with TU. During Strategic planning, we identified several key areas that needed board follow-up and/or approval. These are noted below. We also had a meeting regarding the SF assessment study in June-July. Planning is proceeding apace for that. We should have more information after the Danskin ramp dedication on April 30. In the meantime, Mike Toalson has charted via spreadsheet the necessary tasks and provided names of participants and the tasks they are currently assigned. A copy of the spreadsheet will be available for your review at the board meeting.

We should have everyone’s updated contact information now. If not, let me know and I will send the list around again.

As far as Trout in the Classroom goes, Jake Duplessie contacted me and will provide an update during the June Board meeting. He is not available in May.

I’m sending out a preliminary agenda because I suspect that there are more items to be added over the next week or so. Let me know and I will be happy to add them.

Agenda items:

1. Items to consider from strategic planning for discussion

a. Continuing agreement on Dutch creek with the Forest service

b. Sand creek-Richard Jones

c. Trout in the Classroom-board update will be in June

d. Wooly buggers-discuss adding as a standing item on board agenda.

e. Chapter meeting attendance-how to improve and track.

f. Membership involvement-assign a volunteer coordinator to work on membership involvement.

g. Future board meeting dates and possible new locations

2 Morris Huffman-Woody biomass project-Pam.

3 Bown crossing update-Andy

4 May chapter meeting-Prange will not be at the board meeting. He left a detailed summary on the status of the Heron Creek project. I will bring the summary. In addition, since Prange will not be there, we need to coordinate getting the key to the MK nature center and contacting John Wolter about the May Chapter meeting.

Anything else?

Subject: RE: May Board Meeting
From: Andy
Date: 05-May-08

We need to have a short discussion on what items should be made part of a binder for each officer and member of the board of directors, e.g., officer contact lists, member lists, chapter charter, strategic plan, financial information etc.

Subject: RE: May Board Meeting
Date: 28-May-08

Ted Trueblood Chapter meeting 5/7/2008 (submitted 5/28/08 by Jeff Barney, chapter secretary)

In attendance: Chris Jones, Richard Jones, Chris Topmiller, Andy B., Jeff B., James P., Pam S., Darrell Kuhrt, Pete De Luca, Dr. Richard O., Mike McDonough, Mike Toalson. (quorum)

Agenda items:

Woody Biomass Utilization Partnership discussion Morris Huffman-guest, he's looking for a new board member (possibly from TU) with a conservation background. Partners include regional counties, Sage Community Resources, West Central Highlands RC&D, USDA-RD, USFS, Idaho Dept. of Commerce, ID dept. of Lands, plus private firms.

SF Boise, April Meeting, Mike Toalson presents volunteer list for July 12th project. Updates board on April 30th meeting. Cow Creek Ramp, highway dept. may close ramp due to safety issue (blind corner, no parking). Dixie Creek, we have permission to trespass from Anderson family for our spawning trib survey. Rock Creek culvert replacement (est. $250k), would potentially provide the most habitat gain if adequate bypass was installed.

Roger Phillips, Idaho Statesman, is doing a brief story, May 10th, on our SF Boise project. Also, Mike should have the website updated soon with a sponsor-a-trout page.

Andy has brochures coming from the printers very soon. Membership will also get a postcard reminder of project to line up more volunteers. Chapter meeting, May 14th, will have a detailed discussion by Mike Toalson on the project and our needs for volunteer/financial help.

Chapter meeting, Andy emphasizes need for membership to sponsor a fish. Strong arm appeal will be utilized at next week's chapter meeting.

Westfly founder, Scott Richmond, contacted Mike T. regarding extra money he has for a conservation grant (perhaps a few hundred dollars). We would be asked to sell auction donation items or advertising for his website. Discussion follows.

Bown Crossing willow planting project. Andy notes that nine cottonwood trees, 15 willows were planted. Several fenceposts were installed to deflect people/dog traffic from new plantings. Publicity would come from Ada County's website notifying public of our plan and reasoning. Phase one is now successfully completed.

Heron Creek, Chris T. updates us (Prange out of town). Richard P. hit some snags with homeowners association. Project is on hold until a hydraulic analysis is done to assess potential flooding from gravel placement.

Dutch Creek, project is on hold since James and others have not been able to reach the USFS officials due in part to a change in administration. James says Dutch Creek has potential for youth field camp and to continue relationship for future projects on site or nearby. Discussion ensues regarding whether our efforts at Dutch Creek are worthy of our time. Various points were made both in support or opposed. Majority of Board votes to support continued support in cooperation with USFS. Pam suggests we get a contract into USFS ranger's hands for him to sign since he's so busy.

Sand Creek, Richard J. gives us an update. He has to contact canal company before students and TU can get in creek. Electro-fishing has produced 200-plus fish with every sampling effort, including numbers of 8” rainbows. Richard will update us again soon.

Woolybuggers, Richard J. said they have a May fishing outing.

President Topmiller tables last couple items due to shortage of time. Brief discussion on changing meeting time/place. Further discussion will be on our website.

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