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Dutch Creek

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James                  06-Jul-06  
James                  07-Jul-06  
Andy                   07-Jul-06  

Subject: Dutch Creek
From: James
Date: 06-Jul-06

Board Members,

As discussed at the last Board Meeting, we are negotiating a deal with the Boise NF to gain access to the cabins at the Dutch Creek Service Station. While we are still working out details, this deal looks like a very strong “go” so we are acting as if it will definitely get done.

We have reserved the cabins for next weekend, July 7, 8 and 9. The plan is for whoever wants to go up there, to go up and assess the facility, the work that needs done, and the location. After that half hour of work is done, I plan to go fishing. The cabins are probably not in the best possible condition, so those who want to go should actually plan on camping out. The Chapter should provide a Saturday night BBQ in my opinion, so RSVP to me if you plan to come, I’ll take care of the BBQ, then we’ll do the usual campfire/fishing lies evening. It has been reported to me that there have been some problems with the water supply, so like any camping trip, assume you might have to provide your own water.

James Piotrowski

Subject: RE: Dutch Creek
From: James
Email: James@hpllp.net
Date: 07-Jul-06

So who the heck is coming? Andy are you confirmed yet? Anybody else?

Subject: RE: Dutch Creek
From: Andy
Date: 07-Jul-06

Looking more likely. Hondo may be in too.

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