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TU May 2008 Email

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Subject: TU May 2008 Email
Date: 28-Apr-08

Trout Unlimited - The Thursday, May 14 meeting of TU will feature presentations on this year's South Fork Boise River project to survey trout spawning locations, evaluate tributary habitat conditions, and conduct genetic studies. Volunteers will be needed to help (more information below). John Wolter of the Orvis Fly Shop, will also be on hand to discuss South Fork fishing prospect. A fly tying demonstration will begin at 6:30, with the regular meeting starting at 7:30. The meeting will be held at the IDFG MK Nature Center Auditorium, 600 South Walnut.

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Getting your hands dirty…

by Pam Smolczynski, Trout Unlimited Boise River Coordinator

Want to plant a tree for trout?

I could really use some hands to plant some beautiful cottonwood trees along the banks of Mores Creek, near Idaho City! These trees have been carefully grown for three years. I am excited to show you what we are accomplishing up on Mores Creek!

Please consider volunteering for a Saturday morning this spring! Here are the details:

When: May 3rd 10:00 am

Where: Pine Creek turnoff – just one mile above Idaho City on Highway 21. Just turn right and follow road to the creek.

Why: Phase II of the Mores Creek Restoration Project is ready to be planted!

Please dress according to the weather.

Coffee and Treats will be provided, along with planting tools… just bring your smile, and maybe a pair of gloves.

Please contact Pam at 938-1110 ex. 14 OR cell: 859-7359 so she knows how many shovels and treats to pack up there!

It’s time to pitch in and help out this river we all love. We’ve launched an effort involving local angler groups and agencies (F&G, Boise NF, BuRec) to look into improving the SFB fishery. The first step is to understand what happens in this fishery since the trout have access downstream to Arrowrock Reservoir and thus the Middle Fork, North Fork and beyond. Migration of trout and Bull trout has already been documented.

We have an immediate need for volunteers for some of the following planned projects:

Tributary Flow Surveys No recent data exists to support potential enhancement of tributaries to make them more accessible for spawners. We have a method to monitor flow rates but need volunteers to go by the river to take some quick, easy measurments from April 30 to mid-June. See some recent pictures of tributaries below.

Main Stem & Tributary Redd Survey A Boise NF biologist did a thorough redd count in the main river from the dam to Danskin in 2007 and plans to repeat that next month. We have added counting redds in the tributaries for sometime around 5/31 and could use some strong volunteers.

Genetic Study and Fish Sampling Day - July 12 The center piece of the 2008 conservation research will be a genetic study to understand the origins of the fish that make up the South Fork fishery. The local TU chapter received an Embrace-a-Stream grant to underwrite part of the cost of this project. We are also looking for contributions to sponsor fish and sponsors will get a report back on that fish’s genetic history. We will sample fish (non-lethally) from the South Fork Boise below Anderson Dam, and the tissue samples will be used to profile the local rainbow trout population and compare it to an existing library of genetic profiles for wild rainbow trout populations throughout the headwaters of the North, Middle and South Fork of the Boise River. With this data, the biologists can determine where the resident fish originate and then we can determine if spawning enhancements in those location could help the fishery.

The sampling event will be on July 12. We need volunteers to FISH in the name of science or provide driftboats, cooking and shuttles for the weekend event. This looks to be a family event so all are welcome. We can include an informal competition as part of the event as well - should be a really fun day.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mike Toalson at mtoalson@cableone.net or 899-8612. More details on the South Fork Boise is forthcoming in a brochure you will soon receive in the mail.

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