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July Board Meeting

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Subject: July Board Meeting
Date: 16-Jun-08

Meeting Wednesday July 2.

Location to be determined.

Subject: RE: July Board Meeting
Date: 30-Jun-08

Not much to talk about. Almost all activity has centered around the SF outing set for July 12th. Hopefully, Toalson can give us an update. He has already done an itinerary which all of you should have received. If not, I’ll bring copies of the latest.

Jake should be there tonight as well with an update on trout in the classroom and where we go from here. I talked to Jake a few weeks ago and he will be soliciting volunteers to either assist or take over the program. We’ll talk about it.

1. SF outing-Toalson. What’s the latest and greatest? 2. Trout in the classroom-Duplessie. An update and a call for volunteers 3. Cottonwood Creek project & Walling Ditch-Andy. 4. Wooly buggers update and follow-up-Chris Jones. 5. New meeting location follow up- Topmiller.

For the meeting, we will be trying out a new place: Smoky mountain Pizza on Parkcenter blvd. I will call and reserve the room. Hope to see you all there.

Anything else? I can add it tomorrow.

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